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Same-day shipping for orders placed before 2:30PM MST
Free ground shipping available for orders over $250
3-ANNSM - Edwards

3-ANNSM - Edwards

3-4ANN - Edwards

3-4ANN - Edwards

3-ANNCPU3 - Edwards

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EST3 remote annunciation and control equipment is ideally suited to serve mass notification purposes. LCD display modules, remote microphones, and control and display modules configured for mass notification operation provide everything that’s needed for annunciation, control, and paging operations. In these applications, annunciators are configured to operate as Local Operation Consoles (LOCs), from which mass notification is initiated and controlled. 


Annunciator cabinets are constructed from 16 gauge cold rolled steel. The gray textured enamel finish of the annunciators complements any decor. Both surface and semi-flush mounting cabinet configurations maximize mounting flexibility and esthetic appeal.  Cabinet arrangements allow LED and LCD annunciation, as well as paging, to easily combine in a single enclosure. Slide-in labeling for LEDs and switches provides designation flexibility for mass notification labeling.

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