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4098-9792E - Simplex

4098-9792E - Simplex

4098-9791 - Simplex

4098-9791 - Simplex

4098-9792 - Simplex

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Overview of Simplex 4098-9792

The Simplex 4098-9792 TrueAlarm Analog Sensor provides digital communication of analog sensing for fire detection. The analog measurement is digitally communicated to the host control panel using Simplex addressable communications. The control unit then analyzes the data, determines an average value, and stores it. By comparing the present value against the average value and time, an alarm or other abnormal condition can be determined.

Intelligent Data Evaluation 
The monitoring of each sensor's average value provides a continuously shifting reference point. A software filtering process compensates for environmental factors and component aging to provide an accurate reference for evaluating new activity. This filtering reduces the probability of false or nuisance alarms caused by shifts in sensitivity.

Control Unit Selection

The control unit stores peak activity for each sensor to assist in evaluating specific locations. The host control unit determines the alarm set point for each TrueAlarm sensor, selectable as more or less sensitive as the individual application requires.

Main Features

The TrueAlarm analog sensing provides digital transmission of analog sensor values using IDNet or MAPNET II two-wire communications. It is compatible with various Simplex products, including 4007ES, 4010, 4010ES, 4100ES, and 4100U Series control units, 4020, 4100, and 4120 Series control units, Universal Transponders, and 2120 TrueAlarm CDTs equipped for MAPNET II operation.

General Features

The 4098-9792 TrueAlarm Analog Sensor is designed for ceiling or wall mounting and is listed to UL 268 7th Edition and ULC-S529. It is NEMA 1 rated and has a louvered smoke sensor design that enhances smoke capture by directing flow to the chamber, with minimally visible entrance areas when ceiling mounted. The sensor is also designed for EMI compatibility and offers magnetic testing. Different bases support a supervised or unsupervised output relay or a remote LED alarm indicator. 

If you need more details, you can check the 4098-9792 manual.  

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