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Free ground shipping available for orders over $250
5220 - Silent Knight

5220 - Silent Knight

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58080 - Silent Knight

51040 - Silent Knight

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SLKT PC BOARD ONLY F/5104 The Silent Knight Model 5104 is a six-zone fire control communicator providing digital fire reporting over ordinary telephone lines, eliminating the need for costly leased lines.

It's UL 864 and NFPA 72 approved for monitoring local evacuation controls. As a stand-alone unit, it can be used to monitor: * Sprinkler systems for waterflow, supervisory, and gate valve tamper conditions. *

Automatic fire detection systems for structures that are not required to have a fire alarm system but want property protection (e.g. to call the fire department after hours). * Dry contact alarms, trouble and supervisory outputs, then transmits a separate code for each.

The Model 5104 is fully supervised. Its microprocessor constantly runs programs to monitor AC, standby battery, zone inputs and telephone line connections. If a fault condition is detected, it sounds a local trouble audible and reports the condition to the central station.

If one of the telephone lines faults for more than 45 seconds, it will automatically switch to the other to report the failure

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