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Free ground shipping available for orders over $250
CHSWL - System Sensor

CHSWL - System Sensor

CHSCRL - System Sensor

CHSCRL - System Sensor

CHSRL - System Sensor

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System Sensor L-Series selectable-output chimes and chime/ strobes are rich with features guaranteed to cut installation times and maximize profits with a lower current draw and modern aesthetics. The System Sensor L-Series product line of wall and ceiling mount chimes and chime strobes includes a variety of features that increase their application versatility while simplifying the installation. With white and red plastic housings, System Sensor L-Series can meet virtually any application requirement. Selectable-output chimes and chime/strobes are private mode notification appliances used to alert trained personnel to investigate possible emergency situations and to take appropriate action. Security guard and nurse workstations are ideal locations for chime products. All devices feature plug-in design with minimal intrusion into the back box, making the installation fast and foolproof while virtually eliminating costly and time-consuming ground faults. Installers can easily adapt devices to a wide range of application requirements using field-selectable candela settings, automatic selection of 12-or-24 volt operation, and a rotary switch for chime tones and two volume selections.


Standard Operating Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
- Humidity Range: 10 to 93% non-condensing
- Strobe Flash Rate: 1 flash per second
- Nominal Voltage: Regulated 12VDC or regulated 24DC/ FWR
- Operating Voltage Range: 8 to 17.5V (12V nominal) or 16 to 33V (24V nominal)
- Operating Voltage Range with MLD3: 8.5 to 17.5V (12V nominal) or 16.5 to 33V (24V nominal)
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