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Same-day shipping for orders placed before 2:30PM MST
Free ground shipping available for orders over $250
GT-MKB-N - Aiphone

GT-MKB-N - Aiphone

GT-HSA - Aiphone

GT-HSA - Aiphone

GT-MCX - Aiphone

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The GT-MCX is a network adaptor that will allow multiple GT Series systems to be connected over a network. A typical system, when expanded, will support up to 16 entrance stations, 4 video guard stations, and 500 tenant stations. When using the GT-MCX, up to 32 GT Series systems can be connected together allowing the total capacity of the system to grow to 480 entrance stations, 96 video guard stations, and 5,000 tenant stations. The GT-MCX divides a large system into sections. There can be 24 tenant sections and 8 main sections. The tenant section can consist of entrance stations, video guard stations, and tenant stations. The main section can consist of entrance stations and video guard stations only. Each GT-MCX takes the place of 1 entrance station and 1 video guard station. The GT-MCX can be used to update the GT Series system from the GT Support Tool when connected to the same logical network. Updating the system could include changing tenant names and dialing numbers on both the guard and entrance stations. Datasheet GT-MCX.

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