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Free ground shipping available for orders over $250
IX-SSA-2RA-FR - Aiphone

IX-SSA-2RA-FR - Aiphone

IX-SSA - Aiphone

IX-SSA - Aiphone

IX-SSA-2RA - Aiphone

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The IX-SSA-2RA has an emergency button and a standard call button with a call and emergency placard with raised lettering and Braille signage. Both stations include call status indicators to meet ADA rescue assistance requirements. The emergency button can be programmed to call up to 20 different stations. The call button can call up to 20 different stations. Both units are weather resistant (IP65) and connect to a network using Cat-5e/6 cable. Both stations are SIP compliant. Audio can be captured on a microSD card. The stations have a 600¦ output that can be used for paging or communication. There are two contact outputs that can be programmed to trigger during door release, when the 600¦ output is used, or based on the status of the station. Sound files can be uploaded for custom messages to be played during certain functions (door release, call placed, communication start, error message, etc.). The stations have audible and visual indications for calling, communication, and door release. Datasheet IX-SSA-2RA.

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