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Free ground shipping available for orders over $250
SPCWL-TILE - System Sensor

SPCWL-TILE - System Sensor

PW6K1in - Honeywell

PW6K1in - Honeywell

PRO32IN - Honeywell

Access Control Unit Subassembly Input Board .
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As a part of the WIN-PAK® software controlled hardware family the PRO3200 professional modular access control hardware is an advanced access control panel capable of providing solutions where installation space is at a premium. The design of the hardware is modular and flexible and can be tailored to meet a wide range of applications, while optimising cost and mounting space.


The PRO3200 system is connected to a host computer with WINPAK for system configuration, alarm monitoring and direct control. Using WIN-PAK SE 4.0 / PE 4.0 or higher, at least 255 PRO3200 systems can be connected to create large access control solutions.


Every PRO3200 consists of a main controller, one or more enclosures, power supplies and reader or I/O modules. A PRO3200 system can be set up as an access control system with up to 32 doors, protected with one reader each door. If additional inputs and outputs are needed for extra control within the PRO3200 system, the number of controllable doors will be limited to less than 32 doors. The access control limitations depend on the amount of extra controllable inputs and outputs needed within the modular configuration of up to 16 I/O or reader boards.


Designed to fit into tight spaces, the PRO3200 with its rack-mount design provides high-density installations for up to 16 doors per cabinet in a small space. The design makes it ideal for applications where eight or more doors are needed. Metal enclosures for up to two modules are available for remote located controllable doors, connected via a supervised RS485 bus.

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