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BG-12LX - Firelite

BG-12LX - Firelite

PAD100-SIM - Potter

PAD100-SIM - Potter

SLHSCW-F - Siemens

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SLHSCW-F Siemens White Horn Strobe for Ceiling Formed as the SL-series (SLHSCW-F Siemens), Siemens is now offering horns, strobes, and horn-strobes with LED based strobes to its notification-appliances portfolio. With the SL-series, Siemens now offers an additional range of products with low and high candela settings that makes these sophisticated notification appliances ideal for new installs and retrofit applications. Innovative light-emitting diode (LED) strobe technology provides an energy-efficient means for a significantly reduced current draw. The strobe portion of these appliances meets the 20 millisecond light-pulse-duration requirements of the 2016 edition of NFPA 72. This feature allows existing Xenon and the new LED devices to be used in the same field-of-view. In a single device, the SL-series can provide alarm-signaling tones for dual applications. All strobe models in the series feature multi-candela settings (15 | 30 | 75 | 95cd) on a single appliance. Additionally, there are two (2) modes of operation for the audible portion of these notification appliances: - T3 (coded) - Continuous The SL-series of horns, strobes and horn-strobes devices are produced in a sleek, modern design.

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