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Get your free
inspection now!

We will contact you within 2 business days

Get your free
inspection now!

We will contact you within 2 business days

Estimate & Design

JEM provides not only BDA Design but we also leave you with full submittal packages ready to be printed and taken to the city.

Install & Commission

We will get your team manufacture certification to work on the system and our PMs will guide you to install and commission the complete BDA solution.


The most important step here is the final step where we ensure that you get final approval from your AHJ.

Why choose JEM to help with your Public Safety BDA / ERCES installations?

JEM is currently one of the largest distributors of Life Safety Systems worldwide.

Fully backed up by the manufacturer you will have support from beginning to end on your projects.

With fast communication and dedicated engineers, the process is easier and faster.

Overview of Public Safety BDA / ERCES Solutions

See a fast explanation of how Public Safety BDA / ERCES Solutions work and understand why this new market is increasing so fast.

All certified with completed code compliance

Your Public Safety BDA / ERCES projects will be supported by our Grol Licensed and NICET IV engineers.

Seth Hill - Ryan FireProtection

For us, the partnership with JEM has been great. Started out with a couple of small projects with JEM they went really well and have since done some pretty large projects. It's been a pretty good process.

Bryan Peiffer - MCS Integrated

Jem is truly a full service one stop shop with the knowledge, integrity and speed to get through those tough engineering situations!

Jake Familia - Kalifornia Fire Alarm & Signal

I am very impressed with responsiveness and quality of work we have received from JEM (Henrique Madeira). The 10 day turnaround is also a great help for us helping us to meet our customers needs.