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2WTA-B - System Sensor

2WTA-B - System Sensor

2D51 - System Sensor

2D51 - System Sensor

2W-B - System Sensor

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Overview of 2W-B

The 2W-B detector system is designed for easy installation, featuring a plug-in design that allows installers to pre-wire bases with the included heads. The wire entry port and in-line terminals provide ample room for neatly routing wiring inside the base, which accommodates a variety of back box mounting methods, including direct mounting with drywall anchors. Once pre-wired, the i3 heads can be easily attached to the base with a Stop-Drop 'N Lock™ action.

The i3 detectors are equipped with intelligent features to simplify testing and maintenance. The system includes drift compensation and smoothing algorithms to minimize nuisance alarms. When connected to the 2W-MOD2 loop test/maintenance module or a panel with the i3 protocol, the detectors can generate a remote LED-indicated maintenance signal. The sensitivity of i3 detectors is displayed in percent-per-foot obscuration by the wireless SENS-RDR device.

Instant inspection is made possible with wide-angle red and green LED indicators, providing instant information on the detector's condition, whether it is in normal standby, out-of-sensitivity, alarm, or freeze trouble. The EZ Walk loop test feature, available on 2-wire i3 detectors, verifies the initiating loop wiring by providing LED status indication at each detector.

The 2W-B detector system also features a removable detector cover and chamber and a built-in test switch. With its many advanced features, easy installation, and reliable performance, the 2W-B is an excellent choice for those in need of a highly efficient and effective fire detection system.

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